Is I Phone ruling the market just because of its brand value ?

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. – Albert Einstein (Scientist)

Apple’s target is people without any technical knowledge.

Apple makes their products easy to use with superb customer support.

In order tom make it easier to maintain, Apple creates own platform with lots of limitations.
Apple ask for high price to maintain the super customer service and the people paying for Apple’s products do not understand anyway, what they are really paying for.
All they care is a working product, which looks good and feels premium.
For people who understand tech, those limitations are simply like a jail and the price make people look dumb.
However most Apple’s buyers do not understand in any way even that you should not put your phone in water.
They simply do not understand any technical stuffs and thus do not care at all.
They will simply buy Apple’s products.
This is normal, not everyone understand tech.
Try to explain what a processor is to some doctors, they do not care. It is like if they explain deep anatomy knowledge to us techies. We do not understand those stuffs because it is simply not our field.
Apple sees this and takes advantage of it.
It is as simple as that.

Moreover, Apple is not all that bad, try compare Apple’s customer support with 1+’s customer support…you’ll see a huge difference.
Of course, customer support does not come for free.

I hate Appleand will never buy Apple’s products anymore.
I tasted how iPhone looks like on 3GS several years ago but I do not like it.
But, you can not change the fact that not everyone understand tech stuffs.

But at the end…choice is always your folks
– Abis Hassan